Vision Statement

Embracing the legacy of the Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane, BEAUT activates the Brisbane artistic community to host and engage with local, national and international artists and artist run initiatives, and consists of exhibitions, a publication, and public programming.

BEAUT 2019’s curatorial premise emphasises the principles of presence, convergence, and resistance, offering a localised accompaniment to QAGOMA’s APT9, favouring interstate and international collaboration. Embracing the resilience of the grassroots arts community as well as reflecting the institutional investment in the arts in Brisbane, BEAUT will showcase local artists and ARIs alongside their national and international peers from the Asia-Pacific region.


Bridie Gillman
Alexander Kucharski
Chloe Waters

With assistance from:
Aishla Manning
Naomi O’Reilly
Remi Roehrs
Georgia Walsh


We aim to:

  • Facilitate a culturally diverse art program for local, national, and international artists, with a primary focus on Australia and its closest geographical neighbours

  • Cultivate collaborations between artists and artist run spaces within this context

  • Develop community engagement with ARI activity in Brisbane (making art accessible)


The participants of BEAUT 2019, artists and ARIs, local and from elsewhere, reflect on their contemporary existence—what is occurring now—offering up their subjective perspectives for consideration and discussion. The festival is a manifestation of a collective presence of non-mainstream narratives, lived experiences, and diverse cultural heritages that will be realised in community operated spaces, suburban houses, and other spaces. By embracing larger non-conventional spaces or exhibitions, diverse practices and cultures have the opportunity for greater accessibility, alongside the hard-working Brisbane arts community.


Through its exhibition program, BEAUT fosters collaborations between artists and spaces, to stimulate new and innovative ways of working. It encourages convergence of understanding between presenting artists, the attending public, and surrounding institutions.


These principles resist the ways in which we are normally urged into competition with each other, promoting shared experience and collective achievement, within the context of a high quality art program. BEAUT resists the barrier between institution and product, inviting the public to access contemporary art on its own terms, and be actively included.